Ellen Currie’s Tinnitus Journey

Ellen’s Amazing Tinnitus Journey

tinnitus journey

Back In 1998, Ellen was a chronic tinnitus sufferer, but NOT anymore…

…Today she in fact now regards herself as a former tinnitus sufferer.

Ellen managed to solve HER tinnitus problems to a very large degree, and so can YOU!

Ellen could not get enough sleep at night because of the persistent tinnitus (both ears were ringing constantly) and I remember her telling me,”These noises are going to drive me absolutely crazy, I need to find a tinnitus cure!”

But of course as there is no cure for tinnitus she was told to “live with it”, thus began her amazing tinnitus journey.

How did Ellen get tinnitus?

dr leslie bromEllen had a high level, stressful job. Unfortunately there were things happening at the company that she had no control of.

The company was losing money as a result of fraudulent activities!

Ellen was experiencing huge amounts of stress and anxiety. This stress and anxiety was later identified as one of the prime aggravating causes of the tinnitus that she was experiencing!

One day she took our young son to a doctor Leslie Brom who had been recommended to her by his soccer coach. My son had a chest infection that would not clear and as this doctor came highly recommended, Ellen had made an appointment to see him.

While the doctor when was busy with the examination of our son, Ellen mentioned the problems tinnitus was causing in her life. She was going to ask him about treatment to boost her immune system because the tinnitus was draining her.

His reply shocked her…

“I have had excellent success with a tinnitus patient. If we can establish the cause of your tinnitus, I believe we have a very good chance of reducing the tinnitus levels,” the doctor told her.

Over the following 30 minutes or so the doctor asked her all sorts of questions regarding her life, her job, her worries, her marriage, her home life etc. Did she have a lot of stress and worry in her job and in everyday life, was she ever subjected to loud noises, had she had a blow to the head, did she suffer with sinus problems.

  • Ellen told him about the slight hearing loss that she had suffered, probably as a result of her love for music which she habitually played at very loud volumes on her car stereo and the enormous pressure she was had been experiencing at the office.

Dr Brom Reached This Conclusion:

  • That the ROOT CAUSE of Ellen’s tinnitus was exposure to noise which had led to cochlear damage and damaged nerve endings in her inner ear. (These nerve endings transmit the electrical impulses from the cochlea to the brain, which interprets those impulses as sound.)
  • That Ellen’s tinnitus had been ‘triggered’ by the stress and traumatic life events she had been subjected to at work.

He proposed that they adopt a two pronged attack (two separate remedies) on the tinnitus.

  • One remedy to relieve the noise induced tinnitus (which Ellen learned was cochlea damage)
  • One remedy to treat the anxiety and stress she had been experiencing over such a long period of time.

As you can well imagine the news gave Ellen dramatic new hope of finally finding a treatment that would cure her tinnitus…

She came home sporting a huge boost in confidence that she might finally beat the tinnitus that had been driving her crazy for all those years!

The Tinnitus Treatments

The stress remedy was formulated to specifically to deal with anxiety and stress. This would actively stimulate the hypothalamus in the brain to start producing essential chemicals that the body needs to function properly.

Note: The hypothalamus typically stops producing these chemicals in times of stress and traumatic events.

The noise remedy was formulated to heal the damaged nerve endings in the inner ear. The ingredients used in this treatment had been proven over time to dramatically reduce tinnitus.

How Did Doctor Brom Get Involved With Tinnitus Treatments?

“His Friend Had Wanted To Commit Suicide!”

He told Ellen that he had commenced research into tinnitus because of a friend of his that had come close to committing suicide as a result of tinnitus!

  • His friend’s tinnitus started shortly after the loss of his son in a motor accident. The doctor started his friend on a course of treatments designed to stimulate the hypothalamus.
  • When those tinnitus treatments alone were less than successful, he adopted this multi-faceted approach that he was now advocating for Ellen.
  • In an effort to stop the tinnitus, he would treat both the hypothalamus and the cochlea damage!

He based this course of action on the fact that his friend had been a musician in a band for many years and had probably suffered from damage to the cochlea (and hearing loss) as a result of the exposure to loud noise and had suffered severe trauma with the loss of his son.

So essentially the two tinnitus cases were similar…

Both had been exposed to loud noises and had suffered from traumatic life events.

Dr Brom’s friend had also experienced a traumatic life event (the loss of his son) which had acted as a trigger for the tinnitus.

A similar chain of events had led to Ellen’s tinnitus…

“My Wife Got Her Life Back…”

Ellen came home in state of excitement I had not seen for many a year!

One of the bonuses of taking these new tinnitus treatments was that she woud be able discontinue the use of conventional stress and anxiety medications she was on.

These tinnitus treatment remedies were completely natural in origin and had no side effects like conventional medications or some of the other “secret remedies” being touted on the internet!

Over the next couple of weeks Ellen started getting her life back as bit by bit as the tinnitus levels reduced.

  • She was a new person, a person not plagued with tinnitus…
  • She had got her life back again
  • Ellen had finally beaten the tinnitus.
  • She could sleep without pills and best of all…

The tinnitus was no longer bothering her all day and night.

Because the noises that had so bothered her had now reduced to levels that she hardly noticed, she regarded herself as CURED of tinnitus.

The tinnitus remedies prescribed for Ellen were homeopathic in origin, prepared from natural substances.

Homeopathy works to heal the cause of the problem instead of trying to deal with the effect. (in this case the tinnitus Ellen was suffering from)

AS you know there IS no magic overnight cure for tinnitus. The homeopathic tinnitus treatment remedies were formulated to treat and heal the CAUSE of her tinnitus and to heal her body from within.

The tinnitus treatment remedies started a healing process that needed to take place, and as that healing occurred the tinnitus started reducing in volume and in frequency.

Tinnitus is a serious condition but as Ellen can attest, it can be beaten.

Important Tinnitus Notice

Ellen freely admits that she is not completely cured of tinnitus. She does however, regard herself as a former tinnitus sufferer simply because those tinnitus noises that she used to experience have been reduced to such an extent that those tinnitus noises are simply no longer a factor in her life.

The Tinnitus Remedies Helped Ellen And They Could Help You To Get Rid Of:

  • A constant ringing in the ears
  • Feelings of tiredness, anxiousness and irritability
  • The frustration of not being able to join in everyday conversations

REDISCOVER the JOY of life…

By chance we had found a tinnitus treatment that regular doctors were oblivious of simply because they were not taught about homeopathic products at college.

In fact most mainstream medical professionals will not report any breakthrough made in homeopathic treatment simply because they don’t like or believe in homeopathic products!

  • We had discovered a treatment for tinnitus that quite quickly produced fantastic results without side effects, it was the next best thing to a cure for tinnitus.

The tinnitus treatments were easy to take, were inexpensive and simple to manufacture.

Ellen and I decided to market the tinnitus remedies and have been supplying our T-Gone Tinnitus Remedies since 1999.

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