Tinnitus Treatment

Follow the tinnitus treatment links below now. They are listed in the order of most common to least common and you can purchase the remedies from those pages.

1] Cochlea damage tinnitus (most common)

2] Sinus and allergy tinnitus

3] Stress and anxiety induced tinnitus

4] Meniere’s disease – vertigo, nausea and tinnitus

How the T-Gone remedies were discovered

Tinnitus is not a virus, or a germ. It is not a sickness at all in fact. It is caused as a side effect of some other underlying condition or a malfunction in the body.

As an example, if you were to suffer a severe blow to the head, perhaps in a motor accident, you could conceivably damage some of the delicate inner ear structures that make up your auditory system.

Cochlea Damage

cochlea damage tinnitus treatmentBeing exposed to a sudden loud noise or sustained loud noise such as the levels found at concerts or clubs could also damage the minute hairs within the cochlea.

Both of the examples quoted above could lead to high frequency hearing loss and tinnitus.

Often this will not happen overnight, it could take another incident such as exposure to very loud noise at a party or even a passing truck backfiring, to actually trigger the tinnitus.

When tinnitus of this type occurs, it is known as cochlear damage tinnitus. In this case, it is cochlea damage that is causing the tinnitus.

Tinnitus Treatment

Logically therefor, if we are to treat the tinnitus successfully, we would need to treat the CAUSE of the tinnitus which in the examples quoted above is cochlear or noise damage tinnitus.

In the pages that follow you will be able to read detailed information and watch videos which explain the three major causes and the tinnitus treatment solutions we offer.

  • In our experience of dealing with thousands of people who have tinnitus since 1999, over 95% of all tinnitus cases stem from these three main causes.
  • It is thus almost certain that you too will be amongst this group of people and be able to establish the cause of your tinnitus PLUS find a tinnitus treatment that is specifically formulated to relieve your tinnitus.
  • Congratulations on taking the first steps on your path to relief from the constant ringing in the ears!